Friends of Mitcham Common make 'friends' with The Avanti Club

Late last year, the Friends of Mitcham Common (FoMC) were putting our Christmas plans together and decided that we would like to a raffle prize and to raise money for a local charity.  A Christmas Hamper was created from a small fund and was raffled at the party.

We chose The Avanti Club to receive the donation as it’s located in Pollards Hill (which is very close to Mitcham Common). Pollards Hill is a historically less affluent area of Merton, and mental health issues tend to dominate in areas with more poverty.

The club offers support to those suffering with mental health difficulties, and a number of services voluntarily to service users and their carers.  There is also an awareness of a steep reduction in statutory mental health services in the borough, as there is nationally. Voluntary groups serving those suffering from mental health issues are more essential now than ever, and we felt as a group that we should donate the money to this important cause.

Clinical research has shown that there is a direct correlation between physical exercise and improved mental health….so we look forward to seeing you at the common soon, home to a number of species of wildlife including insects, mammals, birds and pond life.