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The old Wilson Hospital site in Mitcham is being redeveloped into a new health and wellbeing facility for the people of East Merton. Construction on the site has not yet started but plans are well underway. People who live in East Merton will be involved in choosing a name for the facility but for now it is called the Wilson Health and Wellbeing Campus.

A number of organisations in Merton are working with the local community on the development. These pages bring together all of the key information about the campus into one place – so there is no need to visit lots of different websites.

The vision
Community led health and wellbeing – helping people to lead happier, healthier lives by bringing the community closer together

The vision for the campus stems from a belief in people and the power of community in supporting each other to live happier and healthier lives. We want to create a strong, confident, healthy and vibrant community in East Merton – a place where people feel proud to call home.

From speaking to people who live in East Merton we know they want us to think big and develop a facility that deals with far more than just medical health needs. The campus will be a place that is led by the community, meeting their needs, helping connect people, improving people’s health and wellbeing, developing their confidence to achieve their goals and transform their lives.

We are on a journey and need people to help us to achieve this exciting vision. There will be many opportunities to get involved.

Who is involved?
The vision for the health and wellbeing campus is shared by NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group and the London Borough of Merton. They are working closely with partners including NHS Property Services – who own the site, Community Health Partnerships, Merton Voluntary Services Council and East Merton residents.

What services will be available?
As a result of conversations with the community, doctors, nurses, local politicians, public health professionals, voluntary sector organisations and many more we know many of the services that people want and need. We plan to offer:

  • Bookable GP appointments from 8am – 8pm, seven days a week
  • Adult mental health services
  • Support for people with long term conditions like diabetes and lung disease
  • Community café
  • X-ray and other diagnostics like ultrasound and phlebotomy
  • Podiatry – to treat conditions that affect feet
  • Physiotherapy – to treat conditions that affect joints, bones and muscles
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Children’s development centre – to offer physical and mental health services for children, young people and their families
  • Lifestyle and preventative services – these are yet to be decided but depending on what local people want, could be things like healthy eating and exercise classes, massage and employment skills services.

When is it happening?
Below are some of the key milestones in a provisional timeline before the campus opens to the public. The timeline is subject to change. It will be kept under review and updated as progress is made in the complex process of design, planning and beginning the build..



Development company instructed

July 2018

Developing detailed design of the site

August – December2018

Planning application submitted

January - March 2019

Building work begins

November 2019

Open to the public

December 2021

Meetings and publications


Merton Voluntary Services Council is a partner in the development of the Wilson Health and Wellbeing Campus and is hosting this website content. Other partners involved are NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group, London Borough of Merton, NHS Property Services and Community Health Partnerships.