Wilson Health and Wellbeing Campus - Programme Board archived meeting papers

You can add a small amount of text to each one. This is what the font will look like and they will need to click the text to rea386.04 KB
4 - 2017-04-27_Att 6_WPB_Multi-criteria decision making_Wilson Community Facility_v0 1 (No redactions required).pdf153.84 KB
5 - 2017-04-27_Att. 2_WPB_Programme Structure (No redactions required).pdf203.34 KB
6 - 2017-04-27_Att. 5 Wilson Campus Logic Model_v0.4b_04.04.17 (1) (no redactions required).pdf264.18 KB
7 - WPB Agenda 27-04-2017 v2docx (Redacted).pdf290.78 KB
8 - WPB Agenda 08-06-2017. v1docx (No redactions required).pdf116.86 KB
9 - WPB Att 2_Wilson Programe Board Minutes 27.04.17 (No redactions required).pdf266.95 KB
10 - WPB Att 3_2017-06-01_Wilson _Highlight Report (suho) v1 (Redacted).pdf116.87 KB
11 - WPB Att 4_2017-06-01_Wilson Campus_PID_(suho) V0.1 (Redacted).pdf1.03 MB
12 - WPB Att 5_2017-06-01_Wilson Risk Management Strategy (suho) v0.2 (Redacted).pdf289.72 KB
13 - Copy of WPB Att 6_2017-06-01_Wilson Risk Register_v2.1_ (no redactions required at this stage).pdf85.42 KB
14 - WPB Att 9_Proposed community communication and engagement strategy for the Wilson_V2_Updated_01.06.17 (Redacted).pdf227.67 KB
15 - WPB Att 10_HWB Wilson Update_for 20.06.17_v2.0_02.06.17 (Redacted).pdf146.02 KB
18 - Att 4_WPB_2017-07-20_Nelson PPE and Lessons Learned (suho) v0.1 (Redacted).pdf362.46 KB
20 - WPB Att 2_2017-07-14_Wilson _Highlight Report (suho) v1 (No redactions required at present).pdf126.46 KB
21 - Copy of WPB Att 5_2017-07-20_Wilson Risk Register_v3 (No redactions required at present).pdf92.05 KB
22 - Att 2_WPB_2017-09-07_Wilson _Highlight Report (suho) v1 (No redactions required at present).pdf118.03 KB
23 - Copy of Att 4_2017-09-07_WPB_Wilson Risk Register_v4 (No redactions required at present).pdf87.97 KB
24 - Att. 1_2017-07-20_WPB Minutes and Action Log (Redacted).pdf275.13 KB
25 - Att. 3_Wilson NHSE PID Pro-forma Clinical Premises (SuHo) v1 (Redacted).pdf2.07 MB
26 - WPB Agenda 07-09-2017. v1docx (Redacted).pdf115.24 KB
27 - WPB Agenda 12-10-2017. v1docx (Redacted).pdf115.29 KB
28 - WPB Att 2_2017-10-12_Wilson _Highlight Report (suho) v1 (Redacted).pdf117.36 KB
29 - WPB_Att 1_Minutes and Action Log_07 09 17 (No redactions required).pdf259.53 KB
30 - Copy of WPB_Att 5_2017-10-12_Wilson Risk Register_v5 (Redacted).pdf92.52 KB
31 - WPB_Att. 3_Service Design EMT Options Paper WPB 12_10_17 (1) (No redactions required at this stage).pdf2.35 MB
32 - WPB Agenda 23-11-2017. v1docx (No redactions required at this stage).pdf117.48 KB
33 - WPB Att 1. Programme Board Minutes 12 10 17 (No redactions at this stage).pdf239.62 KB
34 - WPB Att 2_2017-11-23_Wilson _Highlight Report (suho) v1 (1) (No redactions required at this stage).pdf118.77 KB
35 - WPB Att 5._HWB Wilson Update Paper 28 November 2017_FINAL (Redacted).pdf432.11 KB
36 - WPB Att. 3 Communication and Engagement Strategy_Wilson Campus Development Project v2 (No redactions required at this stage).pdf478.81 KB