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The Wilson Programme Board
The Wilson Programme Board meet regularly to make decisions about developing the health and wellbeing campus. The group is made up of doctors, experts in public health, planning and building design, voluntary sector leaders, community engagement specialists and finance professionals. 

They are responsible for directing the project to make sure the health and wellbeing campus delivers the benefits people in East Merton want and need.

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The Wilson Programme Board Co-Chair
Clinical Director for East Merton Model of Health and Wellbeing

The Wilson Programme Board Co-Chair
NHS Merton CCG Governing Body member

Chair NHS Merton CCG

Director of Primary Care Transformation
NHS Merton CCG

Director of Public Health
London Borough of Merton

Chief Executive
Merton Voluntary Services Council

Strategic Estates Lead
NHS Property Services

Direct of Community and Housing
London Borough of Merton

Director of Finance
NHS Merton CCG

Assistant Director for Sustainable Communities, Environment and Regeneration

Regional Director
Community Health Partnerships

Development Director
Community Health Partnerships

Programme Director
Synapsis Health

Regional Programme Manager
One Public Estate

Head of One Public Estate
One Public Estate

Meeting papers
If you are interested in the development of the Wilson Health and Wellbeing Campus, we want to make it easy for you to find the latest information. Key publications and meeting papers will be posted on this website.



Merton Voluntary Services Council is a partner in the development of the Wilson Health and Wellbeing Campus and is hosting this website content. Other partners involved are NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group, London Borough of Merton, NHS Property Services and Community Health Partnerships.