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We are committed to listening to the community, acting fairly and helping local people to be part of developing the campus.

We run workshops, events and other activities to give you an opportunity to get involved in creating a health and wellbeing facility that works for you.

If you have a view on how things could work better – we would like to hear from you. We also want to reach people we have not yet had conversations with. If you know a community group or attend a regular meeting that would like to know more about plans for the campus please let us know.

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Wellbeing Services at the Wilson: Creating a Social Enterprise
Workshop for community members
29th November 2018

Part of the wide community engagement for the Wilson Health and Wellbeing Campus development.  A workshop co-hosted by Khadiru Mahdi (Chief Executive of Merton Voluntary Service Council (MVSC) and voluntary sector representative on the Wilson Programme Board) and Diana Sterck (Chief Executive of the Merton Chamber of Commerce).  For community representatives to begin to shape the Social Enterprise Organisation that will become responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Wellbeing services on the Campus:

  • The purpose and responsibilities of the Social Enterprise Organisation:
  • The most appropriate legal structure for the Organisation
  • Process and timing of formation of the Organisation
  • Proposals for membership of the Organisation’s governing body
  • Interim budget requirements to operate in the short to medium term.

Wellbeing Services at the Wilson: Steering Group Meeting

Invitation to community members - Inaugural meeting of the Wellbeing Steering Group
20 March 2019 - 6.00 – 8.00pm - Vestry Hall, Cricket Green, 336 -336 London Road - Mitcham CR4 3UD

This meeting has been postponed to enable participants to attend the Friends of the Canons open evening between 4.00pm amd 8.00pm on 20th March 2019 at the Toby Carvery, Park Place.

This is an important community event.  It is only right that the meetings don’t compete with each other to allow people to attend both if they would like to and to participate in the important and exciting conversations about local developments.  As such, we are going to reschedule the Steering group for a date in April and will let you know details as soon as they are available.  We very much look forward to seeing people at the reconvened date. 

Follow this link for details of the Canons event.