SMCA has a big heart and a huge remit and our dedicated staff strive to do what other similar organisations do but with fewer resources. With just a single duty staff in the office at any one time, this busy public building is a challenge to run but extremely rewarding as we help so many people with such a wide range of issues and needs every day. We are very reliant on the support of our 50 regular volunteers, without whom we simply could not continue serving approx. 200 people from our community every day.  

Our small friendly team is ready to welcome and support someone new to the Board to help work towards delivering a sustainable service for our community and make a difference to the quality of life for others. If you would like to help us to deliver much valued services and facilities in challenging times then we would like to hear from you.

We need a person(s):

  • with proven management and/or leadership experience who is able to understand the practical challenges faced by small charities as they address change and work through the improvements that are vital for us to make
  • with sound independent judgment and analytical skills to examine proposals and their financial implications
  • able to work effectively as a team member, be constructive and demonstrate integrity, objectivity, accountability and openness and be prepared to make unpopular recommendations to the board if necessary 
  • who understands  the importance and purpose of meetings and be committed to preparing for them adequately and attending them regularly
  • with experience in, or a good working knowledge of, one or more of the areas identified i.e. HR, Data Protection and in the IT field, to be sufficiently proficient to help us overcome technical issues in making the best use of our system and building an efficient and effective website.

We have been developing a raft of effective HR policies and procedures appropriate to the size of our organisation and its limited resources to keep us up to date and compliant with legislation. We have recently taken out a subscription with a legal organisation who will provide us with advice and guidance 24/7/365 and compliance proof our HR policies. Having the policies is one thing but making sure that they are followed is another. The Board would like to appoint a trustee with the relevant HR/employee management experience to help us to develop this work further and to be a source of support and guidance to the office manager and the rest of the Board.
Data Protection
The Board recognises that the data protection legislation as enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office is complex and that we need to devote time and expertise to get SMCA to where it needs to be.  The necessary work cannot be sourced internally.  Our new legal advisors will be able to address some of our deficiencies but we would like to appoint a trustee with relevant experience to help us to steer this work through to completion. 

We are trying to bring our IT systems up to date and in particular to update our website as a source of information for potential users of SMCA’s services and activities.  Progress has been impeded by technical issues outside our understanding. We having been trying to deal with these immediate issues to get us back on track and for the future we would like to be able to make best use of the opportunities an up to date system can offer.

Other skills and experience such as financial management, fund raising and working with volunteers would also be welcome.

To find out more and to apply to this opportunity, please email or call 020 8648 3740.