We believe that children need a secure and happy environment to thrive, and that parents are the key to providing that: sometimes parents need a bit of help. Through our trained parent volunteers we support families who are struggling to cope with post-natal illness, disability, bereavement, the illness of a parent or child, mental ill health or social isolation. Our volunteers visit families in their own homes, giving practical and emotional support

But we need another kind of volunteer - trustees. Trustees are men and women who help guide the local Home-Starts and contribute to their leadership and direction so staff can manage the day-to-day operations and home-visiting volunteers can get on with the job of supporting families.

What kind of people are Home-Start trustees?
Our trustees come from all walks of life, bringing their experience and individual skills. The kind of skills that are in demand are business or personnel management, finance and fundraising, IT and communications, and safeguarding. But you don’t need special qualifications to be a trustee - common sense, flexibility, time, an ability to work as part of a team, a willingness to learn, understanding of the pressures facing parents today and a genuine interest in supporting parents in your community are just as important to us.

What is a Home-Start trustee?
A Home-Start trustee is a volunteer who sits on the trustee board. Each local Home-Start is an independent charity and being a trustee is all about the governance of the charity - planning how it will achieve its goals. Trustees aren’t responsible for the day-to-day running of a Home-Start but they do carry out a wide range of duties and are responsible for making the charity effective, providing overall direction and the sound management of funds. Being a trustee can be hard work and you will need to be able to respond to demands but it is also rewarding, giving many opportunities for personal development and the chance to give something back to your local community. Without volunteer trustees we couldn’t exist and families and children wouldn't get the support they need.

How can I find out more about joining Home-Start Merton?
Contact us for more information or an informal chat about being a trustee. There is no commitment at this stage. Full details on how to apply will be given to you if you decide you would like to help. If you do decide to join us, you will have to undergo a DBS check as part of your application and provide two references.


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