Pensions Guidance

Auto Enrolment

The government has introduced Auto Enrolment legislation in order to encourage a retirement savings culture in the UK.

Auto Enrolment has been phased in since October 2012, starting with the largest employers. Now is the time that organisations employing under 30 people need to implement the legislation.

The ‘staging date’ from which your organisation needs to meet its Auto Enrolment commitments depends upon your PAYE reference number. The Pensions Regulator should have written to your organisation 18 months in advance of your staging date, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. You can check your staging date on The Pensions Regulator’s website.

There are a number of processes that you need to undertake, including

  • Now - telling The Pensions Regulator who to send additional information to
  • 6 months before your staging date - choosing a pension scheme that can be used for auto enrolment or making sure that any pension scheme you already have can be used for auto enrolment
  • On your staging date (and regularly thereafter) - work out which members of your staff will need to be enrolled in the Auto Enrolment Pension
  • Within 6 weeks after your staging date - write to all your staff (The Pensions Regulator provides some templates for this) to inform them about how Auto Enrolment will affect them
  • Within 5 months after your staging date - declare your compliance with The Pensions Regulator

More information is available from a variety of sources: