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Good Practice: We offer one to one support sessions for all Organisations who register with Volunteer Merton. This includes support with good practice, training, safegaurding and accreditation towards the Volunteer Management Charter.
Policies and Practices: If you do not have some of these in place then we can help you to develop them.
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MVSC and Volunteer Merton actively promote opportunities on behalf of organisations on both our MVSC and Volunteer Merton website, across several Social Media platforms and local community platforms.
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We offer support, advice and guidance to organisations who would like it.
MVSC - Volunteer Merton in partnership with Merton Council take part in the Value You scheme. Any volunteer for a registered charity who gives a 100 hours or more of their time in a year can apply for a card and gift voucher. Each volunteer has their contribution confirmed by their volunteer manager at the registered charity and the legitimacy of the charity is checked independently against the national register. We give you a template that shows you what the card and vouchers look like. Entry into the scheme is FREE and is based on a good will agreement-there is no contractual obligation and you may withdraw from the scheme at any time.
Join us for informative action learning sets for all Managers and Coordinator's.
The Merton Connected E-Bulletin goes out twice a week to over 400+ organisations. - All the latest news.
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MVSC does not and will not pass on any contact details to third party organisations for marketing purposes.
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