Social Prescribing in Merton continues to grow

We are delighted to welcome 6 new members of staff to the Social Prescribing service, enabling us to roll the service out across the whole of Merton.

Social Prescribers provide the time for individuals to focus on what is important to them and enable them to take a holistic approach to identifying steps that they can take to make changes to improve their health and well-being. Each member of the team is allocated to a specific surgery in the borough and will work directly with patients referred to them by their GP.

Social Prescribers connect people to community groups and activities in the local area who can provide the practical and emotional support needed. MVSC will be continuing to work with those groups to identify the impact of the service on the voluntary sector within the borough.

Mohan Sekeram, a local GP at Wideway Surgery and the lead at the CCG for Social Prescribing said: “I am really pleased to see expansion of Social Prescribing across Merton. Working closely and collaboratively with public health, voluntary sector and primary care, this has helped support our residents in our community. The Social Prescribing service will now be available in all surgeries across Merton.”

For more information on the service please contact our Social Prescribing Manager, Ben Halschka on