Working Together in Merton

The census is run by the Office for National Statistics and is a once-a-decade survey of all the households in England and Wales. It gives a detailed snapshot of the population that helps to inform policy making, plan public services and inform where billions of pounds are spent, for instance, on roads, schools and hospitals. What’s more, charities and voluntary organisations often use census data as evidence to secure funding.

The next census will be on Sunday 21st March, but people will be able to complete it a few weeks before and after this day.

The census is important to everyone, and it’s important that people of every community are represented, and feel able to take part.

Please get in touch with Matthew Hopkins, the Census Engagement Manager for Merton, who is looking to connect with community leaders/champions, community groups, voluntary organisations who work with people who may require assistance and encouragement to complete the census.

Matthew would be happy to hold (virtual) meetings with Merton groups to talk about the census, why it is important, and the different support on offer.

We will be telling you more about the Census over the coming weeks. In the meantime, information on the census can be found here:

Contact Matthew Hopkins by emailing or calling 07452 945152.