Talent Programme

2027 is a 12-month, salaried job and professional development programme, which gives talented people from working class communities the tools to become a leader in grant- giving organisations, creating real change in communities.

At the heart of 2027 is a paid 12-month job at a leading foundation or trust. A grant- giving organisation such as a foundation or trust is a charity that funds individuals or other organisations to run projects that positively impact the community.

As part of the programme, you’ll be employed full time in a grant-giving role, with one of our dynamic host organisations. You’ll deliver brilliant work to improve the communities they serve, whilst receiving a salary over the year of up to £25,000.

Alongside your placement, you will take part in an extensive professional development programme, led by industry experts. You’ll come together regularly with your fellow associates and leaders in the sector to take part in facilitated learning, network and explore key aspects of the grant-giving sector to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills.

This blend of training, networking and on-the-job experience will mean that at the end of the 12-month programme you will have the experience and skills you need to prepare for a decision-making position in a foundation or trust to influence real change in communities.

The Offer

Salary of £23,000 to £25,000
Up to £25,000 salaried job (£23,000 outside of London) where you’ll gain direct experience in a grant-giving role with a leading host foundation or trust.

Professional Development
You’ll undergo an extensive professional development programme led by industry experts.  The programme will comprise group and self-directed learning, coaching, mentoring and individual research, supported by the team.  The programme will be facilitated by experts across the sector and run by specialist organisations in people development and social change

You’ll develop relationships with like-minded peers and key leaders in foundations and trusts, building your profile and knowledge of the sector.

Career Progression
At the end of the 12-month programme, you will have the experience and skills you need to prepare for a decision-making position in a foundation or trust to influence real change in communities.  Your skills will also be highly valuable for leadership roles within the wider social sector.

In a grant-giving role, you will manage part of a host organisation’s grant portfolio
including work alongside current grantees and work to find fantastic new partners for your host organisation to work with. Alongside your new colleagues, you will keep the trustee board updated on the foundation portfolio, make clear and confident funding recommendations, and analyse foundation performance to identify improvements.

You will work with your foundation’s funder, to inspire their employees about the foundation’s work. You will also be responsible for ensuring the foundation meets all relevant legislative and compliance requirements. You will represent the foundation externally and apply your learning from outside to your work at the foundation.

Placements will be available UK-wide, and you can let us know your preferences around location when you apply.

Find out more and apply now!
Applications are open now and will close on 26th March 2020
Apply by visiting 2027.org.uk