stem4 was a finalist at the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2017

stem4 was a finalist at the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2017. This was the third year AXA PPP Health Tech & You highlighted the most pressing current developments and invited the health tech community to say how their innovations were best placed to tackle them. 

stem4 Calm Harm is a smartphone app developed by Dr Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, to help children and young people manage their urge to self-harm by providing tasks that help resist or manage the urge. The four categories of tasks target the main reasons why people self-harm: ‘Distract’ helps combat the urge by learning self-control; ‘Comfort’ helps to care rather than harm; ‘Express yourself’ helps to get feelings out in a different way; and ‘Release’ provides safe alternatives to self-injury. ( There is also a ‘Breathe’ category to enable mindful breathing.

This year, in partnership with innovation accelerator The Bakery, and the think tank 2020health, this category looked for the next big innovation that will help people live life well by managing their own health – technologies that inspire people to stay healthy, get better or support them when they’re unwell. As people are increasingly digitally connected, this category looked for digital tools, applications and devices that would support people in sickness and in health; not only helping them get better, but keeping them healthy in the first place.

The AXA Health Tech & You exhibition was held at the Design Museum where all finalists for the Awards were on show and exhibiting over a few weeks.

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