NHS Test and Trace

If you would like an overview of the NHS test and trace service, including what happens if you test positive for COVID-19 or have had close contact with someone who has tested positive, please visit the NHS website here.  

If you live or work in Merton and have had symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) you can get a free test to check if you have the virus. Some people without symptoms can have the test too. 

There is another test (antibody test) that checks if you've already had the virus. This test is not widely available yet but you can find out about antibody testing on GOV.UK. 

COVID-19 Test and Trace Guidance
Unfortunately, criminals will exploit every opportunity they can to defraud innocent people of their money, or steal their personal details. This could include impersonating public sector officials and taking advantage of the NHS Test and Trace system. Please see the below guidance for more information on the NHS Test and Trace service and what to expect if the service contacts you: More