MVSC eBulletin 28th January 2019 - this fortnight's news

Upcoming MVSC events – check out and sign up

  • Health and Social Care Forum - 9th April
  • INVOLVE - 16th April
  • Annual General Meeting - 22nd October

Use this link for more details, the agenda, papers and to book.

MVSC trustees – changes under way

We write on behalf of the Board of Trustees of MVSC to let you know that our Chair Sarah Wilson has had to resign for personal family reasons.  We of course understand Sarah’s need to resign and wish her and her family well for the future.  Over the years Sarah has contributed an enormous amount to the success of MVSC and we will miss her wisdom and knowledge.  As an organisation we were particularly looking forward to continuing and developing the work of MVSC with Sarah at the helm.

We are sure that you will join us in wishing Sarah all the best for the future.  

Initially, while the Board decides the future of the Chair's position, the post will be covered jointly by Barbara Price and Susanette Mansour as Interim Chairs.   Barbara and Susanette have been Board Members for several years at MVSC and are both involved in the Charity Sector in Merton in other positions.

If you wish to get in touch with either of the Co-Chairs, you can contact them through our CEO, Khadiru Mahdi, or via their email address which you will find below.   

Thank you once again to Sarah for her invaluable contributions.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, MVSC staff and Volunteers.

Barbara Price:
Susanette Mansour:

Funding update

Feedback suggests readers like to see information on funding opportunities in the eBulletin.  We hope you will therefore welcome this new edition of MVSC’s Funding Update.

Merton’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy – update and a survey for all

The Merton public health team are busy developing a new Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2019-24.  

It is due for publication around June 2019.  Here is a presentation that sets out where the work is heading.

The public health team have created this survey to reach more people in Merton and to hear their views on how we can all help create a healthy place.  It would be great if as many readers as possible could complete this.

Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub – for easier access to local services

Here is a link to the NHS Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub.  It is designed to make searches for local services much easier for everyone.

South West London and St George’s strategy implementation

The Trust look forward to welcoming you to the next steering group meeting.  Details as follows:

11th February 2019

Everyday Church
30 Queens Road
Wimbledon SW18 8LR

Please confirm attendance to or call 07966 240 014.

How the Council could review key issues - do you have ideas?

Local councillors on Merton’s overview and scrutiny panels regularly carry out reviews of issues and services that affect people living in the borough.  The Council invites you to suggest issues for them to look at this year.  Ideas are not limited to council services and they will consider any suggestions as long as they affect people living in Merton.  Past reviews have covered issues such as cleaner town centres, housing, recycling, road safety and children’s mental health.

To make a suggestion:

If you are using the paper form, please send it to:

Scrutiny Team
7th Floor
Merton Civic Centre

The deadline is Friday 1st March 2019.

All suggestions received will be considered by the scrutiny panels at meetings in June when setting their work programme for the next year.  The chosen reviews will be carried out over the following six-nine months, during which time scrutiny councillors will actively seek the views of local people and organisations to find out what people think about the review issue and what they want to see happen.

The Mayor of London talks about the environment

The Mayor of London has released a statement on his plans for London’s environment in 2019.  

These include the 24/7 Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in the central London Congestion Charge area on from April.  Most vehicles entering the zone will have to meet tough new emission standards or pay a daily charge.

From 1st July, London Climate Action Week will bring together Londoners, organisations and experts for a week of action on climate change - scaling up practical solutions and identifying new solutions to help cut carbon emissions.  If you would like to host an event, register now.

NAVCA briefing on no deal Brexit

With the national debate on Brexit under way at Westminster and across the country, it is useful to receive this Brexit Briefing paper from NAVCA.  It which sets out some of the possible implications that the UK’s exit from the EU for VCSE organisations and on life in general in the UK.

The briefing looks at the impact of a no-deal Brexit, and the effect of leaving the EU on the economy, public services and VCSE organisations.  Within the piece there are also lots of links to relevant to further information, news articles, research and policy on Brexit.

Befriending for a person with mental health issues

For a person experiencing mental health issues, befriending – a chat, a walk together, sharing common interests – can make so much positive difference.  There are now opportunities to volunteer for this valuable and rewarding role.  Please read this flyer from APCMH for more information on this.

The nine protected characteristics in Merton

Here is a link to an easily digestible and really useful briefing for the Council on the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 in Merton.  It contains specific, helpful data on this borough and will be of great use to us all.

Chill out and play music in Wimbledon

Starting on Monday 28th January, 7pm to 9pm at Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon.  Read this flyer for more information.

Polka has places for volunteers!

Polka are currently looking for volunteers.  It’s part of their 40th anniversary celebrations.  

Wimbledon Foundation Get Set, Get Active Fund

The Wimbledon Foundation is delighted to announce the Get Set, Get Active Fund.

The Get Set, Get Active Fund aims to help people of all ages and abilities to take part in physical or sports activities in their community.

Local groups and clubs active in the boroughs of Merton and Wandsworth can apply for grants ranging from £500 up to £2,500 towards the costs of direct sports or physical activity provision including equipment and kits, coaching fees and venue hire.

Applications are encouraged from groups which tackle social problems and help people facing disadvantages to improve their quality of life.

The application deadline is 1 March, 12pm.

Help BT MyDonate closure

If you use BT MyDonate and are affected by its closure, you may find this flyer from Localgiving, which offers free, transitional support, the lifeline you need.

Accredited horticulture training in Wimbledon

Merton Idverde have 14 vacancies.  Eligibility is as follows:

  • 18+  
  • Unemployed for 6 months plus.

More information and contact details are in this flyer.

Spreading the word

We are keen for the eBulletin to reach and be read by everyone in the borough who wants it.  So please do feel free to forward this eBulletin to any colleagues or friends who you think would find it interesting and helpful.

If you do not get the eBulletin yourself, direct from us, register on our website and you will receive the eBulletin unless you decide not to opt in to it.

Catch-22 - free training for Volunteers

Would you like to gain accredited qualifications, alongside gaining valuable experience as a volunteer?

Catch-22 is a social mobility charity and is currently assisting individuals and organisations by providing free accredited courses as part of the UK Adult Education Budget.

The courses are open to anyone aged 19-65, for volunteers or individuals working less than 16 hours per week.

The courses include:

  • Health & Safety in the Workplace (Level 1)
  • Customer Service (Level 1+2),
  • Food Safety in Catering (Level 1+2)
  • Stewarding for spectator events (Level 1+2)
  • Functional Skills in Maths and English.

The training usually take two to three days to complete (depending on the level of support) and all coursework materials and certificates are provided free of charge.

For more details of this training and to enhance your personal development please contact Sudipta on 07872416574 or email to register your interest.

Next edition and copy deadline

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