MTCT Schools Joint Inset Day - St Thomas of Canterbury 25th February 2019

Teachers Workshop Information 


  • Monday 25th February 2019, 8.30am - 12pm
  • St Thomas of Canterbury School, Commonside East CR4 1J6
  • Booking deadline is Friday 1st February 2019

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Understanding and Supporting ADHD

The keynote will explore the key features of ADHD, particularly how the symptomology relates to learning and achievement in schools. The workshop will continue on from this and look in detail at strategies for whole schools and for individual educators.

Speaker - Colin Foley ADHD Foundations 

Using visual strategies to support ASD leaners 

This workshop will look at how visual approaches can be used to support communication, engagement and behaviour.  Attendees will develop their knowledge and understanding of visual strategies that can be used in schools to provide structure, encourage independence and motivate learners with ASD. 

Speaker - Audrey Moriarty MAOS Team, CGS 

Ways to track progress and set meaningful learning pathways for SEN puplis 

Louis is a Deputy Head at Cricket Green School. He will share ways to track progress and set meaningful learning pathways for SEN pupils.

Speaker - Louis Jhugroo, CGS 

Behaviour Management 

Strategies to support behaviour management including the effective use of praise and its impact on self-esteem.

This session will explore the negative impact a child’s low self-esteem can have on learning with practical suggestions as to how this can be addressed in the classroom effectively.

Speaker - Melbury College Rhiannon Dillon SENCO, Karen May Lead Teacher of DNAC, Casey Hatton HLTA, Danielle Evans TA

Supporting low ability writers 

This workshop is designed to give teachers practical strategies to support low ability writers in class. This includes techniques such as sentence splitting, communication in print and ways to support in marking.

Speaker Liberty - Nadine O'Hara and Kay Corden 

Attachment in the classroom 

We will examine attachment processes and styles, and then explore together how this understanding can enhance better working relationships with children in the class setting.

Speaker Matthew Audley Place2Be

Wellbeing and Emotion Coaching  

Danielle and Klayre are teachers at Cricket Green School (for 3-19 year olds).  For the past two years, they have both studied successfully for a research based Masters Degree. In this workshop they will share the findings of their research on Emotion Coaching and Well-being.  The workshop will focus on practical ways of supporting students to improve both their personal Well-being and social interactions.  

Speaker - Klayre Hearn/Danielle Callow

ADHD and ASD: Challenges in the Classroom

This workshop will explore some of the challenges experienced in the classroom for young people with ADHD or ASD and for teachers. This workshop is led by a psychiatrist who will also answer any questions around the diagnosis and management of the conditions. 

Speaker - Jemma Theivendran and Melanie Wood  

Developing Fluency in Mathematics using Real Life Contexts 

Jenny Guppy is a Maths Lead at Cricket Green School. She has started a number of innovative ways to engage SEN pupils in the subject. For example, by setting up a real life Café!

Motion can change emotion - Introduction to Yoga 

A gentle introduction to how yoga can positively impact mood and behaviour. This is a practical session where you will learn some specific yoga sequences. With the teacher role being predominately classroom based it is important to our wellbeing to adopt healthy working practices. Simple yoga, that can be performed at home, offers an opportunity to incorporate some light exercise into your work routines. Comfortable, loose clothing is appropriate.

Most children are natural “Yogis”. Yoga involves movement, dance, play, exploration and aims to unite the mind and body, allowing individuals to be more self-aware. The session will offer practical examples of how yoga can increase strength and flexibility, improve focus and attention, promote self-esteem and confidence and cultivate respect for self and others.

Speaker - Beth Madigan 

The Compassionate Self 

In today’s society there is great emphasis on demands, expectations and being kind to others that we rarely consider or able to attend to our own sense of self in times of need. Drawing upon Mindfulness and self-compassionate components this training provides insight into the importance of the self- compassion and how we can make use of this inner gift to improve our well-being, reduce self-criticism, insecurities and emotional suffering.

Hulya Kusella has worked and trained as an Integrative Psychotherapist for over 22 years. She has run well-being, psychoeducational and mindfulness programmes throughout the borough and is also a clinical supervisor.

Speaker - Hulya Kussella 

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