More to be done in sector on Living Wage

As part of Living Wage Week, the campaign has released findings that just over a quarter of people working for charities earn below the real living wage.

The London Living Wage rate is £10.20 per hour and the rate for the rest of the UK is £8.75 per hour -  an amount that the Living Wage Foundation says people need to meet their costs. Despite over 800 charities being accredited with the Living Wage Foundation and 31 foundations signed up to the friendly funder scheme, the Living Wage foundation has urged the sector and funders to do more.

Jon Stone, Head of Operations at MVSC said, "At MVSC we see organisations facing real challenges to their funding and sustainability. Salaries are a large percentage of expenditure and represent a significant investment of charitable resources. Taking care of and valuing employees is key to ensuring that the most is gained from this investment. We acknowledge that the funding landscape is very challenging at the moment, however we would urge organisations to consider adopting or work towards adopting the London Living Wage wherever possible, in particular when applying for funding for new projects."

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