Merton’s Climate Strategy and Action Plan

We are delighted to announce that Merton Council has launched their Climate Strategy and Action Plan. It forms Merton's response to their declaration of a climate emergency, which set net zero carbon targets of 2050 for the borough and 2030 for the Council.  

This 30-year plan sets out their vision for Merton in 2050 and the key actions required to get to net-zero carbon across four thematic areas (the Green Economy, Buildings and Energy, Transport and Greening Merton), as well as how the Council is going to decarbonise its own operations by 2030. 

Find Out More: 
You can find out more about their next steps and what you can do to help on their website.  
They are running two webinars to launch the delivery phase of the Action Plan, and update local residents, community groups, businesses and organisations on next steps and how you can get involved in making Merton a net-zero carbon borough. The webinars will run from 12pm to 1:30pm on Wednesday 2 December, and from 6:30pm to 8pm on Tuesday 8 December. If you would like to attend please register for one of the webinars here