Involve Thematic Forum Meetings - BOOK TODAY

At the INVOLVE meeting on 22 April 2015, Khadiru Mahdi, MVSC Chief Executive, introduced the idea of voluntary and community sector thematic forums that will bring together organisations delivering services in particular areas.  A VCS Mental Health Forum has already been formed and we are pleased to announce dates for the following:

  • VCS Health and Social Care Forum - 9th June, 9:30am - 12pm - BOOK HERE
  • VCS Training, Employment and Enterprise Forum - 11th June, 9:30am - 12pm - BOOK HERE

Through these forums, organisations will build on the representative role of INVOLVE/CEN and share information and best practice. The forums will also provide opportunities for organisations to exchange ideas about project development and implementation, develop shared understanding, build trust and explore coordination, collaboration and partnerships.

They will also provide effective platforms for in-depth discussions with commissioners from the local authority, Clinical Commissioning Group etc.

The months and years ahead are challenging for VCS organisations in terms of funding but there are also opportunities such as European Social Fund (ESF)  and Big Lottery. Increasingly, these require organisations to work in partnership and MVSC wishes to start exploring ways of facilitating this thematically.

Book your place now to be involved in the process.