The Inner Strength Awards 2020

Nominations are now open for the The Inner Strength Awards 2020. These Awards recognise women who have overcome difficult times and who have changed their life around for the good of others.


Inspirational Woman of the Year Award
This woman will need to have made a significant contribution to services related to women

Lucy Award
This woman has shone a Lucy (means light) on a particular issue or cause and needs to be recognised for it

Arts Award
This woman has made a great contribution to the lives of others through art, supporting inner strength i.e. drama, arts, design, fashion, spoken the word etc

Inner Strength Award
This person has overcome difficult challenges and still continues to rise

Young Woman of the Year Award
This young woman has a new-found confidence and has recognised her potential.

The Award ceremony will take place at the 'Stronger Now'  Interntional Women's Day Event held at Council Chambers, Merton Civic Centre, London. (10-2PM)

The deadline for entries is Friday 14th February 2020.

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