The Hope 2020Campaign

Hope2020 is a campaign being led by a collective of cross-sector organisations aiming to share stories of ambition and hope following the untimely death of Damilola Taylor twenty years ago. Clarion Housing would like to recognise the campaign through sharing stories of voice and action from their communities and are aiming to do this in various ways over the next few months.

About Hope2020
The Hope 2020 Campaign is inspired by the life of Damilola Taylor who was murdered in South London. Ten year old Damilola dreamed of being a doctor and shortly before his untimely death on 27th November 2000 he wrote of his hope to change the world. The 20th anniversary campaign is dedicated to hearing from young people about their aspirational stories of ambition and hope for themselves and the future.

The Hope2020 Competition
Clarion Futures are calling children and young people far and wide to take part in the Clarion Futures Hope 2020 Competition.Clarion Futures are committed to supporting this campaign, and to demonstrate their support they would like you to encourage the children and young people you support to share with them their ‘Definition of Hope’. They want to know what ‘Hope’ looks like to today’s young people.

How can you enter?
Write a poem, draw a picture, write a story! They just want to see something creative that demonstrates their definition of Hope.

When is the deadline?
The deadline is Tuesday 1st December and the prize for the winner is a £20 Amazon Voucher. Please send all entries by email to All entries could be used by Clarion Futures and the Hope2020 Campaign for media, social media channels, blog posts and on their websites.