Hardship Fund

The Hardship Fund was created by the British Red Cross with their partner Aviva and the Aviva Foundation to help those most financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Official Referral Partners register people with us for support. The fund then provides short term financial help for people who can’t afford the essentials:

  • Food and toiletries
  • Somewhere safe to sleep
  • Access to a telephone and the internet
  • Fuel to keep the lights on, cook or stay warm

They work with a network of organisations to reach the people in greatest need and can help people who can’t afford the essentials because they have:

  • No income or welfare support
  • Delays to accessing income or welfare support
  • We cannot help anyone:
  • In employment
  • Already receiving financial support from statutory or voluntary services

You can check the eligibility criteria when making a referral. 

How much money do you get?
Their network of Referral Partner organisations register people for cash assistance. They can request a one-off payment of £120 or a three month grant. People registered for the three month grant will receive £360, paid in monthly instalments of £120 each. Families with children or other dependants can receive up to three grants, for a total of £1,080 over the three months.

To find out more about the Hardship Fund, please visit the webiste here