GDPR Ready

Just 11 Days to Go!

There are just 11 days left, before all organisations need to be GDPR compliant. Please do not make the mistake of thinking this legal requirement doesn't apply to you. If as an organisation you collect and hold individuals personal data, be it,  employees, volunteer or services users/clients, than the General Data Protection Regulation applies to you.

Data protection law will change from 25 May 2018, when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, giving enhanced protection of individuals’ data.

Among other changes, the GDPR gives a much tighter definition of consent. For all of us who collect, store and use personal data we need to be asking those whose data we hold for consent,  to 'opt in'  in order to continue to receive information from us, such as newsletters, bulletins, briefing etc. We also need to revise our privacy policies to incorporate more comprehensive information about what data we collect, the reason we collect it, how we store it, what we may use it for and the individuals' right to access the data held. 

For further information and practical examples and tips, see ICO’s ( Information Commissioner's Office) guide to The General Data Protection Regulations    - GDPR Guidance