Free Mental heath training from Merton Council

The London Borough of Merton a number of spaces available to Merton Partner organisations and community groups. In the first tranche, we have 1 MHFA, 6 MHFA Champion and 19 spaces available for the Suicide Explained (SE) course available to you and your Merton voluntary sector partners at MVSC. 10 Suicide Explained places are also available to the MH Forum team. We would appreciate your help in disseminating awareness of these courses internally and contacting Imran Mauthoor on or 020 8545 4830 with names, email addresses and course date of your attendees by as soon as possible.

Limited spaces are available for these training sessions and are granted on a first come first serve basis. Attendee certainty is required for accreditation, meaning walk-ins will not be accepted. Manager’s approval will be required prior to booking the course as time away from usual duties is required.

Who should attend?

Frontline staff who substantially work with ‘at risk’ and vulnerable groups (these are groups who are at great risk of suicide) and include

  • young people aged 15-25,
  • vulnerable young people including care leavers, young people known to mental health services, youth offending or are looked after children.
  • people with mental health issues
  • people with substance misuse issues, rough sleepers and people with chaotic lives
  • middle aged men on low incomes
  • those with money/debt issues

If you work with these groups on a daily basis/intensively (such as in a school or as a social worker) you will benefit from the 2 day intense MHFA or the half day Suicide Explained courses.

Those seeking to champion good mental health will benefit more from the strategic oversight provided by the MHFA Champion course, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to advocate and champion good mental health awareness.

Why should your staff attend?

Because mental health is everyone’s business and you or your staff may be working with clients, pupils or customers at greater risk of suicide. The promotion of good mental health and employee wellbeing is a manager’s priority.

These informative, bespoke sessions will each review the Public Health issues of Mental Health or Suicide, incorporating local knowledge before delving further into these important topics. Facilitated discussions and a range of interactive activities will challenge attendee views, shatter myths and discuss how to effectively incorporate training into your roles.

Here’s what you can lean

Participants will develop their understanding of:

  • An understanding of common mental health issues in addition to strategic knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness (MHFA Champion)
  • The importance of good Mental Health, touching on a range of disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm and Schizophrenia and how to support others by signposting to appropriate services (MHFA)
  • Language, myth and facts surrounding suicide, understanding who is at greater risk of suicide, basic steps to risk assess and deal with someone in crisis or having suicidal thoughts (SE)

Programme information

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), a 2 day programme
  • MHFA Champion, a one day training programme
  • Suicide Explained, a half day training programme

Specific course information can be found in the attached document.





Training is free to attend and has been commissioned by Merton’s Public Health Team.

Register now!

Please encourage your staff that work with at risk’ and vulnerable groups to attend. To find out more, please contact Imran Mauthoor on or 020 8545 4830.