Find your perfect volunteering match this Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate love. Love isn’t just flowers, chocolates and cards from secret admirers…it’s about more than just that. It’s understanding, compassion, kindness and generosity. Sounds to us like volunteering. 

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love by giving your time to support and care for others in your community. You might just find nothing gives you the warm fuzzies quite like volunteering.

Plan a dinner date
They say the way to the heart is through the stomach. Why not skip the crowded restaurant and expensive three-course meal. Instead, opt for serving a meal made with love to those who need it the most. What about a Food Bank or Lunch Club Volunteer at Commonside Community Development Trust? 

Send a card
For those that are not able spend the day with loved ones, receiving a handmade card can make their day and put a smile of their face. Search the MVSC directory to find local organisations who would be happy to receive cards for their clients. 

Care for someone alone
Love often means being there during tough times. Could you give companionship and social interaction to a 95 years old veteran? Building Lives After Sight Loss is looking for someone with patience and understanding to care for someone who wants to chat and possibly go out of the care home for a short walk in his wheelchair. Could that be you? 

Serve with those you love
While it’s clear that volunteering is a great way to spread love on Valentine’s Day, sharing the experience with your loved ones makes it even sweeter. Get in touch with Volunteer Merton to create an opportunity for you and your friends to get involved in. 

Express your love through art
Why not sign up to deliver a weekly Art Workshop as part of Recovery Support Activity Programme? You don’t have to be a qualified artist, but a little artistic skills would be handy. Why not set the challenge of drawing some Valentine’s Day themed art?!

If the opportunities above don’t speak to you, know that the perfect volunteer role for you is out there waiting. Head to Volunteer Merton to find your match. Then commit to giving back to your community and sharing the love all year round!