Clarion Housing Micro grants 

If you have an idea that will benefit the community and you have the support of at least two other Clarion Housing households, then Clarion Housing can offer micro grants of up to £300 to help get your idea off the ground. The micro grants are ideal if you’re not part of a formal group or you are a non-profit group needing small funding to try something new.

As an example, one resident bought materials to start a new food growing area for their street. Another resident wanted to run a social event in their community centre to meet their neighbours.

Apply for a micro grant
Contact GuideLine to talk through your ideas for a micro grant. After this discussion, they will send you a short form to put your idea on paper. 

If you’re looking for bigger funds see their community grants page. These grants offer £300-£5,000 for constituted groups, social enterprises and charities.