Clarion Futures Digital Grants

Digital Grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 are available for projects committed to getting Clarion residents, and the wider community, online. Projects must aim to support individuals to improve their digital skills to safely and confidently access online services on a regular basis.

They are looking to fund projects and activities that:

  • Support residents to discover the full scope of how the internet can assist them in their everyday lives, and to provide them with the skills and confidence to do so
  • Support residents to access the tools that meet their individual needs and circumstances
  • Encourage residents to use the internet securely and with confidence
  • Support residents of all ages, regardless of whether they go online regularly, to use it safely, and avoid risky and/or illegal behaviour.

They are looking to fund projects and activities that reach:

  • Residents who have never used the internet before
  • Residents who may have previously used some online facilities but who may not be aware of the full potential to use the internet in their everyday lives
  • Residents with limited internet skills
  • Residents of all ages

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