Booklet for Health Professionals to Meet Mental Health Challenge

A 2019 stem4 survey of GPs revealed 83% of GPs had seen a rise in the number of patients aged 11-18 suffering with anxiety, the COVID-19 crisis looks only to have amplified stress and worry for young people further. The many challenges caused by COVID-19 are, however, constantly evolving, making it difficult for health professionals to give consistently clear advice to young people with regards to managing their mental health.

To help meet this immense challenge, stem4 has launched a new booklet, providing guidance for health professionals on how to support young people during the COVID-19 outbreak, whilst also building resilience in themselves.

Increased stress and worry are natural in the midst of a pandemic, but children and young people can be particularly vulnerable due to their level of cognitive maturity, perception of consequences, and access to uncensored information online.

The free booklet from stem4 provides practical information for health professionals supporting children and young people amidst this vulnerability. It offers tips and resources to help deal with mental health issues presenting in young people and outlines the challenges associated with change as the crisis passes. It also provides some guidance on ways to support the mental wellbeing of health professionals as they seek to meet this increase in demand.

The booklet can be downloaded for free here.