African Educational Cultural Health Organisation COVID-19 Support

African Educational Cultural Health Organisation (AECHO) serves the Afro/Caribbean community and other ethnicities in Merton, working towards communities based on mutual trust and respect.

They initiate projects which involve everyone, promote good relations and help counter negative images which can contribute to the social exclusion of newly settled people. They offer year round advice, support, counselling and mentoring with training workshops in parenting, inter-cultural communications, basic skills, parenting, citizenship, diversity, health and safety, social enterprise, career development and financial management.

With funding from Merton Giving, AECHO has set up access to support for anyone that is feeling worried, afraid or lonely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you would like to talk to someone who speaks your language, understands your culture and perhaps shares some of your life’s experiences, then please call 0208 648 5405 or  

Note: If your organisation works with the Afro/Caribbean community and other ethnicities in Merton, then please pass this information on.