Merton Accord

Merton Accord is a consortium, which seeks to bring together and encourage collaboration between the most effective local partners to deliver high quality, person-centred health, social care and wellbeing services for Merton residents, especially those most disadvantaged by inequality.

Membership is open to all voluntary sector organisations delivering health, social care and wellbeing services with clear and transparent charitable objectives. It is expected that most organisations will be registered charity, company limited by guarantee or Charitable Incorporated Organisation. A Community Interest Company (CIC) should have clear community benefits objectives and related asset lock. Membership should be renewed every two years.


1What is Merton Accord?
Merton Accord is a consortium of voluntary and community sector organisations working together to deliver health, social care and wellbeing services in Merton.

2. What are the benefits of joining Merton Accord?
Merton Accord provides member organisations with opportunities to be involved in partnership bids and commissions, which we might not be eligible to tender for as individual organisations.

Additionally, The consortium seeks to bring together like minded organisations with a shared vision for delivering health, social care and wellbeing programmes/ services in Merton. The consortium will provide the space for members to share learning and experience, have a stronger voice and influence over local design and delivery of services.  

3. What are the responsibilities of Merton Accord members?
There are a number of responsibilities that come with consortium membership. Fundamentally, we ask organisations to be honest, transparent and committed to the consortium’s vision and partnership working.  For more information please refer to paragraph 6.2 of the partnership prospectus.

4.  How long does membership last?
Members are asked to renew their membership every two years? There is a brief membership renewal form that will need to be completed and submitted.

5. Is there a cost to membership?
There is no membership fee, but there is an expectation that you will commit sufficient time to the consortium.

6. How can my organisation become a member?
Read and familiarise yourself with all the terms and conditions laid out in the prospectus. Complete and submit the membership application form electronically.

7.  If we are unable to complete the form?
Please contact MVSC, either by telephone or email for further support - 020 8685 1771 /

6. How quickly do we find out if our application ha s been accepted?
Organisations will be notified of the outcome of their application within 6 weeks of submission.

7. Who makes the decisions regarding membership?
A representative membership panel will decide all membership applications.

8. What happens if we are not successful?
Feedback will be provide to all unsuccessful applicants, detailing what steps they need to take to fully meet the criteria.  

9. If we are a private or public sector organisation, can we become a member of Merton accord?
No, private and public sector organisations cannot be full members of Merton Accord. However, private/public sector organisations who provide health, social care and wellbeing services may be invited to be partners for specific tenders and/or grant applications, where applicable.

10. Can faith based organisation become members of Merton Accord?
Providing that you are delivering health, wellbeing and social care services in the London Borough of Merton, and fulfil other membership criteria, you will not be excluded from becoming a member of Merton Accord. However, specific funding applications may exclude faith based organisations and we will let you know should this be applicable, on a case by case basis.

11. Our organisation is not based in the London Borough of Merton can we still become a member?
Organisations do not have to be based in Merton to become members. However, you must have a track record of delivering services in Merton, for the benefit of Merton residents.  

12. Who runs the consortium?
The consortium will be managed a board, who will contract with the trading arm of MVSC to deliver its central hub and administrative functions.

Currently, the Board is made up of founder/steering group members who are from locally based voluntary sector organisations with a wealth of experience and knowledge. They were initially appointed to set up the consortium by representatives of the VCS Health & Social Care Forum.

13. Will all members be involved in every bid or tender?
No. As a member you will receive information about upcoming funding and contract tender opportunities and will be able to state whether you wish to be considered as a delivery partner. We will expect you to formally respond and make known your desire to be involved in those opportunities were you feel your organisation has something to offer.