Model policies

We have a range of model policies below which are designed to help groups in formulating their own policies and procedures. You can personalise these to fit your own requirements.

Please note when using these policies that the personalised versions you produce need to go to your trustees for approval. Once adopted they need to be integral to the day to day working of your organisation. It is good practice to revisit policies every few years and update them for factual and legal changes and to reflect any developments in good practice.

Other useful web sites

  • KnowHowNonProfit provides lots of information on a wide range of topics of interest to voluntary, community and not for profit organisations.
  • My Community Starter is a useful resource for people who want to get involved in organising smaller, straightforward community activities.
  • Get Legal provides online advice on legal structures and issues such as governance for charities, social enterprises and co-ops.
  • Charity Trustee Networks provides information and support for Trustees .
  • NVCO Trustee and Governance Information Centre provides information on a wide range of subjects relating to voluntary and community sector governance and trusteeship.
  • The Charity Commission provides advice and information on running charities, including information on how to manage money and accounts.
  • Superhighways is an ICT support and development project, run by and for the voluntary and community sector and based in South London.
  • Sandy Adirondack runs the invaluable site on legal updates for voluntary organisations.
  • NCVO (which also runs some of the other services listed here) provides a wide range of support and advice services for voluntary organisations.