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Imagine Independence Merton Wellbeng Service
TM United, Campus Stadium
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The charity is proud to have the support of up to 150 volunteers and over 200 staff members to help those who need us.
Our approach
Imagine uses a person-centred and recovery-oriented approach with a focus on social inclusion.
• Person-centred means that we seek to listen to the client and promote their choice in their life.
• Recovery-oriented work means we focus on life beyond a diagnosis, exploring and developing individuals skills, interests and aspirations. It is based on empowering clients, supporting them to overcome barriers and implement strategies to stay well.
• Social inclusion is important to us as a way of challenging stigma and integrating individuals into mainstream community and vocational activities of choice. This enhances positive mental health and stability
• Peer Support involves those with lived experience of mental health inspiring and instilling hope in individuals during their recovery journey and enhancing social inclusion.

Volunteer Mentors
Mentors meet with a client and help them to find out what support they need. They set goals and tasks around recovery and social inclusion to assist the client. Volunteers work closely with staff on a client’s progress. Full induction and ongoing supervision provided; together with additional training opportunities and expenses.

For more information contact Anne-Marie Czastka at the address listed to the left.
Inner Strength Network CIC
c/o The Vestry Hall
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ISN provides practical support, coaching and mentoring to women and girls ( and their families) to overcome barriers. We support them to find inner strength, build resilience and build aspirations, in so doing we aim to support their physical and emotional health and well-being to overcome

For more information contact Maureen Baily on 07903 737780