Coping With Stress

About this event: 

We will look at developing the tools needed to cope with both expected and unexpected stress and focus on different ways to manage stress and learn new relaxation techniques and strategies.

This workshop is delivered at various facilities around the London Borough of Merton. This free workshop is ONLY for people who are 18 and over and live in the borough of Merton or are registered with a Merton GP. Our Wellbeing team is focused entirely on improving the emotional, physical, spiritual and overall wellbeing of the residents of Merton. We want to work towards providing a more inclusive and socially adapted service for the borough whilst lowering the stigma and discrimination attached to mental health & wellbeing and the services that exist to support these areas of our lives.

By learning about stress in a confidential setting with other people, this wellbeing workshops aims to help you understand more about overcoming barriers, becoming comfortable interacting with others and finding solutions, techniques and learning practical skills to help you improve your own Wellbeing. Merton Uplift offers workshops on a range of topics in a variety of locations across the Borough. Sessions are held on a regular basis in a private setting and led by a Wellbeing Practitioner from the service. On arrival you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire aimed at ensuring we offer your all the support you require. If you have queries regarding this, please speak to the Practitioner at the start of the session.

We all have mental health, it's ok to talk.

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Main contact: 
Merton Uplift
Contact phone: 
020 3513 5888
24/01/2020 - 11:00am to 3:00pm
Event Location: 
Morden Assembly Hall
228 Tudor Drive
SM4 4PJ Mordn
United Kingdom