Branch Treasurer

The charity has over 100 branches and groups, all run by volunteers, who provide local support to autistic people and their families.

Every branch is different and so are the activities they provide – they may run parent support groups, adult social groups, children’s activities, conferences or focus on providing information or campaigning. However, no matter how big or small, all branches are hugely valued by the people in their local area. The branch treasurer role is vital to the running of the branch as they look after all the finances. Without these roles, we would not have as many branches as we do.


  • Good understanding of money, bank accounts, and how to manage finances
  • Able to manage time and deadlines to ensure financial records are regularly completed
  • Confident in using a computer
  • Can complete spreadsheets/basic financial records accurately and clearly
  • Confident in communicating with Branch Chair
  • No previous history of bankruptcy Satisfactory references

To apply, please email