MVSC in a month

It has been another exciting and busy month here at MVSC. Take a look below at what some of us have been up to!

Sally and Angela

This month has been really good for us. Not only are we continuing our work to support the MVSC team but we also signed up to a NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and we are delighted that WE PASSED!! We are both extremely proud of our achievement and we’re looking forward to achieving another Level 3 NVQ, hopefully, in the coming year. Watch this space. 


The befriending project is really growing in strength and is now up to 7 active pairs and was recently awarded the Mentoring and Befriending Approved Provider Standard. It’s really exciting being part of this and I love hearing about what they get up to together, from making bath bombs to mug cakes, seeing Sing at the cinema and having some friendly competitive bowling games! I’ve also been working with a group of young people from an alternative education provision doing some light DIY tasks at Fayre & Square. Not only does it give them project planning and leadership skills but it’s a great way for them to feel connected to their community, fill their time with a positive activity and also spend some time together outside the classroom – one session down, two more to go but so far it’s been a real giggle planning and now going ahead with things – come down and see if you can spot their very professional handwork for yourself, who knows what/where we may be ‘DIY’ing’ next!


The Social Prescribing Service finally started seeing Patients this month at both Tamworth and Wide Way surgeries. To date I have seen 33 patients, 10 men and 23 women. There have been over 60 referrals to organisations providing services for older adults, adults with mental health problems, debt advice and counselling to name a few. I have even referred a patient to Healthwatch. Being based in Pollards Hill means that a number of patients will be encouraged to use the services at Commonside.  I have also given short presentations on the project to a range of groups, including the Patient Participation Group at Wide Way surgery. Busy busy busy!


Well, its been a busy month (as always!) but even more so as we have the Voluntary Sector Conference just around the corner. That means event prep meetings, direct mailings, bulletin stories, flier designs, and of course talking to everyone and anyone about it to get as many people from the sector there. I’m tasked with booking businesses/organisations that offer services to the sector for the lunch time market place. 


This month we had a graduation party and group focus meeting for the first two cohorts of learner volunteers at Fayre & Square. This was an opportunity to feedback on experiences, to share ideas and look at ways that we could improve each learners’ experience even further. Some of the comments were “I wish the placement was longer” “I would have liked more customers so that I could use the till more” “It made me feel ready for the big world but sad to leave my new friends.” All feedback will be used for a quality assurance analysis report, which will help us identify successes, areas for improvement and ways that we could explore expanding the reach of the programme.