Meet the team

Khadiru Mahdi - Chief Executive

Khadiru was appointed CEO of MVSC in January 2015 and is responsible for the overall strategic direction and leadership of the organisation while playing an active role in supporting Merton’s voluntary sector. Khadiru is excited to be to be part of a vibrant voluntary and community sector and is committed to working closely with other local infrastructure and front line organisations to strengthen the sector and improve its resilience while building on our strategic relationships with the public sector. - 020 8685 1771
Beau Fadahunsi - Head of Development and Funding Advice

Beau leads on the strategic overview of community development and manages MVSC’s community development team. Together the team provide free information, advice and development support to new and existing voluntary, community and faith organisations in Merton, so that they are better able to develop their organizational services/activities, proficiency and sustainability. - 020 8685 2284
Sally McGarvey - Database Administrator

Sally maintains the MVSCs database, keeping its records up to date. Sally produces mailing lists and labels to support good communication with the organisations and individuals on the database. - 020 8685 2273
Jeyanthy Satkunapalan - Finance Officer

Jeyanthy provides financial administration for MVSC. She records invoices and payments received, raises and pays invoices, monitors receipt of grants and other income, liaises with the payroll bureau and works on other areas connected with salary. - 020 8685 2279
Debby Brooker - Volunteering Coordinator (Public Services)

Debby coordinates the Home Visits Library Service, managing the volunteer drivers and selectors who deliver Merton's Library service to the elderly and housebound. She also interviews and refers volunteers to carry out a range of roles in the 4 day centres across Merton. Debby helps run our employability shop, Fayre and Square, in Centre Court shopping centre, Wimbledon. - 020 8685 1771
Ray Hautot - Social Prescribing Coordinator

Ray works with patients referred to him by their GP to introduce them to social activities they may wish to enjoy. Social Prescribing is a new way to improve the health and wellbeing of both individuals and local communities. In addition to working with patients, Ray engages with organisations in the borough to promote their services to patients and to keep up to date with changes to services provided by the voluntary sector. - 020 8685 1771
Kirstin O’Shea - Volunteering Coordinator (Disabilities)

Kirstin leads on our Supported Volunteering Programme for adults and young people with learning disabilities and other support needs. Kirstin coordinates our Fayre and Square retail skills training programme and employability project (based at our arts and crafts shop in Centre Court Shopping Centre, Wimbledon), providing supported retail and customer service placements to volunteers with additional needs. - 0300 302 3530
Erin Cowhig Croft - Healthwatch Merton Information & Outreach Officer

Erin’s role is to gather and represent local people’s views and experiences of health and social care services in the borough, and to promote successful patient and public engagement through Healthwatch Merton. Erin is active in the community and works with local people and stakeholders to identify health and social care needs and gaps in local services. She communicates feedback to the services and commissioners to help them develop health and social care services that meet the needs of the people. - 020 8685 2282
Clara Jones - Healthwatch Merton Community Navigator

Clara helps people to access local activities, services and support within Merton in order to improve their health and wellbeing, working primarily from the Nelson Health Centre and in particular as part of the Holistic Assessment and Rapid Investigation (HARI) team. One aim of community navigation is to build a more supportive, inclusive and resilient community with strong, collaborative relationships and connections between a range of statutory and voluntary services in the borough. - 020 8685 2282
Dave Curtis - Healthwatch Merton Manager

Dave oversees the development and establishment of Healthwatch Merton to ensure local people have a voice in shaping and improving health and social care services. Members of the public, patients, carers and service users alike will be encouraged to work in partnership with Healthwatch Merton to achieve the best quality care and more choice in the borough. - 020 8685 2282
Bec Yusuf - Project Associate

Bec is overseeing a small team of Merton Community Health Champions who are volunteers that attend local events who engage with the public and share information and support available to help them make healthier lifestyle choices. In addition to this, he is also working on the Community Navigator evaluation plan with Healthwatch Merton and is supporting some other aspects of the project. - 020 8685 1771
Nana Apprey-Abraham - Healthwatch Merton Project Officer

Nana’s role is to lead on the delivery of various projects and has a significant role in collaborating with key partner organisations and stakeholders; research, community engagement and gathering intelligence from children, young people and adults. Nana will use the evidence to provide written and verbal reports based on an informed representation of views presented, and bring the voice and influence of local people to impact on changes and improvements to care and services. - 020 8685 2282